Free Shipping

Offering free shipping on everything in the Etsy shop. I have been really busy at work in my law job but Kate has made some cool new items for the shop. Check it out.

Public Loan Forgiveness

It’s that time of the year again. Just reminding everyone out there who is a public servant and has federal loan debt – it’s time to send in your employer certification. The form is available on the Fed Loan website. This includes teachers so don’t forget to check out the Fed Loan website and get those forms in. You can also consolidate your private loans here to start making qualifying payments. I’ve been super busy at work lately so I haven’t posted in a while but I did remember to send my forms in. You can consolidate parent loans too. Good luck!

Loan Forgiveness

A lawyer I work with told me this story Friday. He is a public servant – like me – and he made 120 student loan payments. He recently applied for forgiveness but was denied. For 10 years he was making payments to Navi (which was not a qualifying government payee) so those payments did not count towards forgiveness.


I hope this post saves someone else from the same fate. My friend called Fed Loan and they offered to re-fi his remaining debt and he’d start the 10 year clock running again but at this point he’s just going to stick with Navi because he’s only got 6 more years with them until the debt is paid off. While we were talking one of our detectives walked up and said the same thing happened to her. I was floored that this information is not common knowledge. So please pass the word on. If you are choosing a career in public service and you have existing student loan debt (or for any forgiveness programs) you have to make your payments to Fed Loan. If you’re paying a different vendor then go to and refi the debt with them.

You can obtain forgiveness for parent plus loans too but again they must be with Fed Loan. Pass the word on. 👍🏻

The Internet

This story has nothing to do with saving money but every once in a while I’m reminded why the Internet can also be dangerous. I don’t talk about my job on social media but I will say I’m a prosecutor and my advice to parents is to check your kids social media. That’s where they put everything that matters to them. That’s where they could contact the wrong person. So I know some people won’t agree but violate their privacy when they are minors. Go on their Instagram and their twitter feed. I make my 15 year old put me on there. In case he has other accounts I have his older siblings check his social media. Our kids are living an entire life electronically. Never mind if it’s healthy. It may not be – I really don’t know. Just don’t ignore it. Check their computers and phones and if you consistently ask about numbers you don’t recognize they will probably tell you who the number belongs to. My kids used to joke I thought everyone was a child predator. That may be extreme but the Internet can be great and it can be dangerous. Just educate them. Not everyone is who they say they are on social media so that cute boy could be a 50 year old man. My office does internet safety classes as do the Feds. The greatest weapon against someone contacting your kid online or your kid viewing content they should not be viewing is for their parent to check on their computer usage. Even if it annoys them – which it probably will. I was just reminded of this because I had a parent whose older teen was viewing some pretty terrible content. The parent said he was always in his room with the door shut on his computer. I did not say – and you never opened the door and said what the heck are you doing in there? I didn’t say that because this poor parent was already pretty upset. But I did decide to write about it before work today. Just be annoying – check their computers and phones and social media. They will thank you later.

Christmas in June

I’m glad I’m not the only one saving Christmas ideas in June. I’ve been pinning Christmas decorating and craft ideas but there is a method to my madness. If you read my blog you’ll know I’m all about saving money. I’ve decided to make Christmas presents this year for most of my extended family. I don’t want it to look like a third grade project 😂 so I’m on the hunt for good ideas. Plus I work full time so if I start now I might have 3 gifts done by December. Lol. So any good ideas are appreciated and in the mean time I’ll keep searching on Pinterest. 😃🎄

Flip flop bracelet

This adorable bracelet with flip flop charm just says summer. Check it out.

I love making these bracelets to sell and as gifts. It’s a welcome break from a sometimes stressful job. I love my job and I’m so lucky to be able to help people. But like everyone I feel stress and anxiety trying to balance work and home life. Opening my Etsy shop has been such an adventure and a challenge. I’m just having so much fun and making a little extra money never hurts. This is my post to say go out there and try something new. What have you got to lose!

Drivers Training

I want to make sure this blog is positive and focused on paying down debt but it’s hard sometimes not to think about how I got here. Being a widowed parent is really tough but as I prepare to teach my last child to drive I just miss his dad so much. I wish Tom could be here to teach him to drive and give him advice and maybe just wonder with me at the young man Tony is becoming. On a side note I wish he was here to help pay the car insurance on two teenagers and a 21 year old! Anyway – he’s not but I know he’d get such a kick out of teaching his son to drive. I kept thinking today about the time Tom taught me to drive his stick shift car (an old Toyota) so I could drive him home from the bar. That thought made me smile.

Why Shabby Chic rocks!

As you may know by now I’m focused on redoing my small ranch home on a budget. I have two kids in college and 1 at home and a plethora of student loans. Therefore I have discovered Shabby Chic. It’s perfect for me. I love Farmhouse style but I like a little more color. I have started my project with my bedroom (redid my dresser) and I’m moving on to my living room. I love the shabby chic look because it combines beautiful soft colors with low cost. I found a bunch of old fabric while cleaning and I’m freshening up my living room by recovering the throw pillows. I’ll keep you posted. This is a great project because it’s fun and free!! I’ll post pictures when I’m finished. Hope everyone is having a great weekend. 👍

A work in Progress

Last time I swear! Alex has taken over marketing for my Etsy shop. He changed the name for me to BeadedBraceletBazaar. I think he’s right. It really has a ring to it. He’s also making me a separate FB page for it. Ahhh to be young. He’s got all this energy so we’ll see where it takes us! More details in my next post. Keep smiling. I hope everyone has a safe and fun holiday weekend. ❤️